Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WWMW (What Would Maria Wear) - Spring Wedding

I'm often asked to go shopping to help pick out an outfit, or sent texts with pictures asking what I think and what I would pair the outfit with for a particular occasion. The other day John mentioned I should do a regular column called WWMW - What Would Maria Wear? I thought it was a great idea and since I am now being asked what to wear to a semi casual Spring wedding, where the ceremony takes place outside in a garden type setting, and the reception takes place both in and outside. The ceremony will begin at 4pm, followed by the reception. Talk about a tricky dressing scenario! Being uber dressed up for a garden setting just feels wrong. But here's the thing, even if the dress code calls for semi casual, it does not mean you can be casual! So what to wear?
This purple maxi from Victoria's Secret screams Spring wedding to me. It can also be carried over into the Summer and dressed up or down. It is classic, so you can wear it years from now, by changing up the belt and accessories. And you can even throw on a white or black suit jacket and wear it to work in most places. Anything I can envision wearing in multiple scenarios is always a win. And all of the outfit suggestions pretty much fall in this category. For this particular wedding, I would go all out and wear all gold accessories. I love making a statement with my outfit by adding some standout accessory pieces. So gold sandals and clutch are a must (and remarkably versatile). A nice chunky gold cuff and some dangly gold earrings finish off the look nicely. To offset the look, I would wear Angel Whispers on my tips. It's subtle but still funky with it's textured finish and adds a soft touch to the entire look. 

When I think of garden weddings, of course I think of floral and water color dresses too. This one from Lane Bryant is perfect. I love the little keyhole design at the top and just how flowy it is on the bottom. I am already picturing taking pictures with the wind creating a flow in the dress while lightly tousling your hair. Perfection! I would keep my shoes neutral in color with this dress. If you aren't big on heels like I am, you can go with cute sandals like the ones pictured by Kate Spade's Saturday line. I would use a neutral bag and gold earrings, opting for my dress to make the statement here. I would go the girly  - matchy route with this dress and wear Love at First Sight on my tips and toes. The name alone is perfect for a wedding! 

I am all about a cute maxi dress! This is perfect for a semi casual wedding. While I would normally stay away from anything jersey knit for a wedding outfit, this one has a more dressed up vibe to it, that makes it work. I would wear some cute black and white flat sandals and silver accessories. I love the idea of a navy clutch, pulling some inspiration from the dress and tying my whole look together. Of course my tips would be painted in Princess, because not only is it perfect with this dress, I think I'd feel a little Kate Middleton inspired wearing this outfit too! 

Here is another option for a floral or water color Spring dress. This one from Modcloth is a bit more bold, but again it has that multiple use vibe to it like the other dresses. I would wear a cute pair of white sandals with this dress, but for those of you with the heel aversion, I would stay away from white, black or yellow shoes. If you are wearing a dress that shows off your legs, keep your shoes nude. It will help give the illusion of longer, leaner legs and not cut you off like non nude shoes would. I would pair this with a white bag to play off the belt and take the opportunity to find some funky pearl earrings to keep it stylish yet classic looking. But my nails would just be screaming out for Nevermore topped with All Out with this dress! And maybe a solid black Nevermore accent nail with some gold studs. (Can I please come to the wedding so I can buy and wear this outfit?)

I can hear it now. Some of you are saying, well that's all well and good for your friend Maria, but I do not wear dresses! So what do I wear? Some white wide leg pants with a cute top will be perfect. As a matter of fact, I once wore to a Summer back yard wedding, a pair of Khaki colored wide legged linen pants and a cute kelly green dressed up tank. So even I would wear pants to a wedding! That was my inspiration here. White wide leg pants like these from Lane Bryant are going to be huge this Spring and Summer, so they make it the perfect thing to wear if you are pant girl! But be warned, everything else should be amped up a notch. I would silver sandals, flat or heeled and stack on lots of silver bangles and some dangly silver earrings. I would then try and find a bright vivid clutch to offset the outfit like this one in pink and silver and paint my tips to match in Devious Nature. 

Would you like to see more WWMW? If you need help in finding the perfect outfit, let me know! 

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