Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lock'n Long Hair Extension Application

Yesterday I introduced you to Lock'n Long Hair Extensions. You can read my review here. Today I want to show you just how easy they are to apply. 

First and for most, they have a few application videos up on their site that are worth watching. I watched the video 3 times before applying them and then watched and paused the video when I actually applied them.

I also used this guide on their site for placement.

Here I am before the extensions.

In this post I'm applying a side extension. In my excitement I forgot to take pics while I was applying them the first time, so I took one out and put the looper back in it (they are reusable) and tested the reusability and took the opportunity to show you just how easy they are to apply.

First I parted my hair in a straight line using a comb. I then placed the extension where I wanted it. 

So I could have both hands free, I clipped the extension where I wanted it. 

Using a comb, I put the pointed bottom of the comb through the looper and pulled the tiniest amount of hair through the looper. You seriously just need a pinch of hair. If you take too much you will have a tough time pulling it through the lock bar. If you have too much, don't force it, just take a little less hair and try again.

 Grab the bottom of the looper, and gently pull it through the lock bar.

 Once it is all the way through, hold the extension piece close to the scalp and using the included locking tool, lock your extension.

 The locking tool is like small pliers. Just place the lock bar inside the tool and gently squeeze. The lock bars are coated in silicon inside to prevent damage to your hair. 

Follow this same step for each section and you're done! It really is that easy! The back was the hardest part because I had to use a mirror to make sure I parted my hair straight and then just had to feel for each lock bar. But it wasn't bad at all once I got past my nerves. 


Don't forget, the folks at Lock'n Long Hair Extensions are offering my readers an exclusive 40% off discount on their extensions. Just use code 40CultNails at checkout.

Disclosure: The Lock'n Long Hair Extensions were provided to me for review purposes. The opinions however are my own.

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