Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May DIY Challenge - Update Coffee Table

We bought our coffee table about 12 - 13 years ago. It was a rustic style solid pine coffee table on a metal base. Over the years, this coffee table was used in the living room, on the back patio and even sat unused in our garage at one point. We had a living room so small, there was no way we could fit this in there. When my girls were little they would stand on the table and jump into our arms and spin. We would stand them up there and they would dance to Teletubbies and the Wiggles. They carved and drew on this table and a personal favorite memory is of John dancing on top of the table for our 15th wedding anniversary. It is the spot where my girls and I gather to do our nails each week. This one table holds so many memories, when I thought of making a new coffee table, I knew I would have a hard time letting this one go. So I started thinking perhaps I could update this one instead. 

After 12+ years of staring at this rusted hardware, I just couldn't stand staring at it for another minute. It just had to go!

We took all the hardware off and bought some coffee table legs. We added the legs to the bottom and switched out the hinges on the top and stained it using Rustoleum Dark Walnut to match the top of our entertainment center. I may sand it a bit because it's a little darker than I want. But at the same time I really like it, so I'm not sure yet.

It also looks a little plain now. I don't know if it's because it had so much going on before, that I am seeing this plain, but I am debating on adding some hardware back to the table. Perhaps some metal corner pieces or handles on two sides? I would paint them matte black to match the hinges we got for the top. 

Or maybe some wood appliqués or overlays? We can stain it to match the table or paint them a matte black.

For now I'm going to leave it plain while I decide what I want to do to it, if anything at all. 

I love the new hinges we put on it. I feel like they add style without taking as much space as the old ones did. I wanted to keep it with a rustic feel, since I know the kids are bound to spill something on it and it's the dedicated nail station in our house. I imagine we'll still need to sand and re-stain this as the years go by. I sealed it with furniture wax vs using a polyurethane coating. But if I lighten it a little, I think I may use a matte polyurethane on it.

So glad to be rid of the rustic base and love the addition of the coffee table legs. 

I think it helps tie in the entertainment center into the room, and helps anchor the room with something that still lets the wood be the feature since the rest of the wood furniture is painted in our living room.

Before and After

I would say the living room is finally done, but now I feel like I need a lamp with a stronger looking base. Is a room ever really done?

I'd love to hear what you think as to whether I should leave it as is or add some hardware or appliqués to the table. 


  1. Looks beautiful, I agree that a room is never done it's always a work in progress. At least in my house it is 😄😊😃

  2. This really is a beautiful acrylic rack! I might have to add it to my guide.. I only have some from amazon but this one is very interesting because of its connection to Dupont materials which are known as high quality! Thanks for sharing this!



  3. it's gorgeous! We have this exact same type of coffee table and yes the kids are always standing on it dancing or jumping off of it LOL. I"ve been looking at it the past few months thinking it needs some refinishing. I'm so showing your post to Brian!!!!

  4. I love that this table holds so many precious memories!!! I think you should add some decorative touches to it.