Friday, June 27, 2014

Fusion of Color Cosmetics Review

Miss me? I have been quite busy and have a lot of catching up to do. Life just seems to get in the way sometimes. About a month ago I received a package from Fusion of Color Cosmetics full of goodies to try. Normally I would do a review on all the products received right away and give my first impressions. But because so much has been going on, I have actually found that I am continuously reaching for some of the products I received every day, so I thought I would review those products since they worked their way into my every day routine.

My normal makeup routine starts with an under eye cream followed by a daily moisturizer. I use both a liquid foundation and an all over face powder, concealer, blush, mascara, brow gel and lip balm/gloss on a daily basis. I have it down to a science and typically will use the same products every day. I mix it up at night if I'm going out, but otherwise it's a fairly simple routine. I mention this so you can see how well some of these products fit into my daily life.

I am using pictures from Fusion of Color's site as I just have been slammed lately and have not had an opportunity to photograph the samples I received.

Perfect Canvas Primer
Perfect Canvas Primer - Retail $15.75
The first time I ever heard of face primer it was from a sample I received from DHC. It had a velvety texture and I didn't know what to make of it. I brushed it aside and never purchased it. One year I grabbed a sample and used it before taking Christmas photos. I had just gotten into mineral makeup, but didn't like how it looked without a primer. Enter the primer. I walked out and John commented on how I looked like a live airbrushed photo.

Since then I have tried several primers and I do have a favorite. When I received this sample, it reminded me of that first experience with primer. The Perfect Canvas Primer is super velvety. It lays on the skin giving you an airbrushed look and feels almost silky on your skin. You can wear this alone to diffuse the look of minor wrinkles, but the magic is that it allows your makeup to lay on top of the primer and not seep into your wrinkles. (I'll be 40 in August, I worry about these things.) I tested this out on the day I officiated my friends on the beach, on a 98 degree morning, along with Fusion of Color's Original Foundation. I was so hot out on the beach and sweating. (not pretty I know.) I thought for sure there would be nothing left of my makeup after the vows. I was pleasantly surprised that I just needed a minor makeup touch up that night for my daughter's HS graduation. Even better, I didn't suffer any acne side effects that can sometimes happen when wearing primers. I was quite impressed with this product. My only concern, if you want to call it that, is that it felt heavy upon application. I could definitely tell I had something on my face, which I am not a fan of. However once it set, I could no longer feel it, and that put my concerns at ease. At $15.75 it costs half of what my usual primer costs. I am definitely going to buy some of this when I am out of my regular primer. I received a sample size of this from Fusion of Color and while I don't wear a primer every day, I do use it fairly regularly and I was able to get a full 6 uses out of the sample and found myself reaching for it instead of my usual primer until it was gone.

Here I am after sweating on the beach with the beautiful bride and my loving husband and professional photo bomber in the back. Look how silky smooth my makeup still looks! Do I not look airbrushed?! I'm wearing Fusion of Color Perfect Canvas Primer, Mac Face & Body Foundation, L'Oreal True Match Crayon Concealer, Fusion of Color Original Foundation, Josie Maran Color Stick blush in a discontinued color (I will cry when I run out!), Fusion of Color Aura-Lusion Diamond Finish, Benefit They're Real Mascara, Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil in Black Velvet, random brow gel and Fusion of Color Lip Sass Lip Gloss in Devotion. 

Original Foundation - Beige 3

Original Foundation - Retail $15
Let's flash back again for a moment, shall we? Back to that Christmas photo pic I just told you about. Well I had just received in the mail a very popular brand of mineral powders. Well I loved how it made my skin look, but I didn't love the horrible burning itchy feeling I got when I used it. OMG! It was something horrible! Turns out my skin has a thing against Mica. Who knew? Since then the search for a good mineral foundation that doesn't contain Mica and that isn't sparkly was on. I finally settled on one that I love, but apparently not enough to keep me from trying different options.

I use Mac Face and Body Liquid Foundation every day. Then I top it off with a powder to set it. I'm not usually a fan of loose foundation powder, but if it works, I will use it. I really love how fine the powder is in this foundation. There is ZERO sparkle and it is so soft and light. I am seriously impressed with the finish and wear of this. (See the photo above from my friends wedding.) I have been finding myself reaching for this every day over my pressed mineral foundation in the last month. It is lighter and I feel like I get a better result with this. My only wish is that this came in a pressed option, as I can't just throw this in my makeup bag without putting some tape over the sifter. (Because I hate nothing more than opening a loose powder all in the cap.) In spite of this being a loose powder, I am in love and highly recommend.

Aura-Lusion Diamond Finish

Aura-Lusion Diamond Finish - Retail $9.00
This was the surprise of the bunch. I received a sample and was like, so is this like an HD powder? Am I going to look like I'm Team Edward all the sudden? But oh I couldn't have been more wrong and well right. It definitely works like an HD powder and I definitely did not look like a wannabe Twilight vampire. I wore this on my forehead and along my cheekbones and I really like how it helps reflect the light without the white cast. This is a little piece of magic to finish off a look. I don't normally use a finishing powder like this on a daily basis, but I have taken to using a swipe of this on my forehead and cheekbones every day. So I guess maybe now I do.

Lip Sass Lip Gloss in Devotion

Lip Sass Lip Glos in Devotion - Retail $8

On it's own this is pretty sheer, not as bright and vibrant like pictured. But when I use this over a tinted balm, the two together add the perfect fuchsia look. The tint in this enhances the lip balm. In the photo from my friends wedding above, I am wearing this lip gloss alone. This was a few hours after putting it on. You can see my lips still have a very subtle glossy look. In the photo below I'm wearing it over my tinted lip balm. The Fusion of Color Lip Sass comes in a small tube with a doe foot applicator to make for an easy mess free application. They only use mineral colorants for their Lip Sass. This is great for light every day use.

Excuse the hair, I was having a horrible hair day thanks to my kids stealing my shampoo and conditioner and leaving me with their crappy one. (Hey I can't afford to buy 3 teenagers expensive shampoo and conditioner!) This photo was taken in natural sunlight by my front door. I'm wearing Fusion of Color Perfect Canvas Primer, Mac Face & Body Foundation, Fusion of Color Original Foundation, Josie Maran Color Stick blush in a discontinued color, L'Oreal True Match Crayon Concealer (best concealer ever by the way!), Fusion of Color Aura-Lusion Diamond Finish, Benefit They're Real Mascara, random brow gel and Fusion of Color Lip Sass Lip Gloss in Devotion over Hare Magic Moroccan Lipstick (Which is more of a balm really). 

Overall Impression on Fusion of Color

I received 7 or 8 samples from Fusion of Color. Of the items received, these are the ones that worked their way into my everyday routine. I will most likely buy the primer, foundation and diamond finish. I am super impressed by the quality of the products and the wear, which is super important to me. These are definitely worth having in your makeup arsenal.

Disclaimer - All Fusion of Color Cosmetics were given to me to try. Opinions are my own.


  1. Where can I get this Primer Maria? I think I need this in my routine;)

  2. You look amazing-- definitely interested in checking this primer out!

  3. Thank yo so much for this wonderful review of our products. I am so glad they performed well for you. Thank you again trying them.

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