Monday, August 18, 2014

Ray Ban Cockpit Aviator Sunglasses

I was never a big fan of aviator sunglasses, they just did not look good on me. The shape always looked ridiculous on my face. I feel like it's so easy for aviators to go horribly wrong, or even worse make you look like a total douche bucket. (Yeah I said it!) But one day last year, I walked into a Sunglass Hut with some friends and saw the classic Ray Ban Aviators with the Green Flash mirrored lenses. OMG! What is this madness? I fell in love! Well with the green lenses anyway. They still looked absolutely terrible on me. And $150+ for a pair of sunglasses? No thank you! 

Fast forward a year, back in Sunglass Hut we go. This time looking at Polorized lenses. And I see those same classic aviators in Green Flash. I try them on again and John was like "Um NO!" I then tried on the Cockpit's and now I knew there was an aviator for me. The less severe shape worked for me. But did they have them in green flash? NO! Booo! I immediately went online and found that you could customize your pair. But at $170? Ugh! But I had to have them!!!  Then a few weeks later, we saw them at a Ray Ban Authorized Dealer store in the Florida Mall. There they were! The Cockpit Aviators in matte gold frame with Green Flash lenses! First, I went to the Ray Ban website to make sure they were in fact an authorized dealer, even though the kiosk said Ray Ban all over it. (One can never be too careful.) Once that was confirmed, I tried them on and well... Happy Belated Birthday to me! 

John and I agreed that I would not get a Birthday gift this year. We tend to only buy each other gifts every few years. This year with his retirement and Coco's Birthday and then my party, we felt that no gift buying was in order. That is until we saw these... John knew instantly and just shrugged and said Happy Birthday! WAHOO!!! (Glad I didn't already get a gift!)

I am so in love with these frames! They are seriously attention getting, which is not normally my thing, but OMG! Are these not the hottest things you've ever seen? Now I want them in the Copper Flash and Polorized version. Yup it looks like I get the whole Ray Ban obsession now. 

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