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Altuzarra for Target Review - Dresses & Skirt

By now you know just how much I love a good Target collaboration. I knew for sure that Altuzarra for Target was going to be my favorite one yet. The styles and silhouettes are right up my alley. Except... I left this morning completely deflated and bummed out. But after a few hours (and a much needed nap) I am thinking a bit more clearly now. But I am still not in love. 

First off my local Target had a dismal display. I know Target tries to base what each store will carry based on sales history, but um Target, here's a hint: If items are continuously the first to sell out online or lead to social media complaints because people couldn't find them in stores, then you might want to make them the available items in stores. If you are going to heavily focus your marketing efforts around specific items, then each store that carries the collection should have those specific items at a minimum. I mean not a trench coat, pant, blazer, belt or maxi dress in our local Target. These are the items they were heavily marketed, yet completely missed in having in store? Who made this business decision? I probably would have went home with a blazer, pants and trench if they were available. But hey, if you don't want my money, I'm alright with that. 

Being the Target Collaboration diehard that I am, after such a dismal display that included only 2 dresses from a collection of 11 dresses and 3 skirts, we braved an hour drive to the only other Target around carrying the collection. Unfortunately, many of the items were gone in our sizes by the time we arrived, but at least we got to see and try more than the two dresses my local Target carried. The things I do for you guys! (What? I totally do all this for you!) On to the reviews!

I know this is a must have for a lot of people, and I am happy to report that overall we were impressed with this dress. I love bringing my girl Pam on these collab shopping expeditions, because things look so different on us. I thought this looked fab on Pam, clearly she was not as impressed. It cinches you in in all the right places, the cut was done well, the embroidered cranes add some pizazz. But I really wish that it wasn't so low cut. In reality while this is one hot little number, it is just does not go with mine or Pam's personal style. So we both left this behind. 

Altuzarra for Target

I absolutely loved the bold gold side zipper. It added a bit more personality to the dress. Unfortunately you can see the slit did not lay right in the dress. Not sure if they were all like this, but the one I tried on seemed to have this issue. Verdict - All in all I think it is worth the value for that va va voom factor, but it didn't come home with me. 

 Dress Python Print - $44.99

If you love this dress or any of the shiny dresses or shirts, be prepared to hate me. I am not a fan of this shiny poly fabric. It just looks and feels so cheap to me. It feels like an outdated textile. I really had a hard time with most of the pieces in this fabric. As for this dress, it did absolutely nothing for me. NOTHING! The color is too close a match to my skin tone and it just completely washed me out. The fit made me look top heavy and it was just to long for my frame. And worse, can you see the underarm area? It did this weird pulling thing on me. It just didn't feel right. Oh and the zipper issues I had... forget it! The zipper actually split open in the back. Pam had this one half way on and shouted across the fitting rooms "Oh hell no! You are not even seeing me in this one!" Verdict - this one is not worth it.

Altuzarra for Target

Wrap Dress in Ruby Hill - $39.99

This dress is one of the few exceptions to the shiny fabric that I loved. It has almost a velvety quality to it's appearance.  I fell hard for this dress. The sleeves were a little tight, so I sized up, which led to the boob show. I already had ordered this one a size up online, but if I didn't, I probably would have bought it. It hugs in all the right places and is just a hot little date night dress. However, with that being said, the material does not scream quality and I will clearly need to do something to contain the girls and I worry that this material will not take kindly to being altered. Since I already ordered it online, I will bring it to my seamstress to see what she thinks. If it can easily be closed up a bit on the cheap, it's a keeper. This was another one I didn't see Pam in. She was not a fan. I really would have loved to see her in this one. Verdict - I think this is one you will have to try on in a size or two and be comfortable with your sexy factor to wear. Because everyone will look at you when you wear this out.
Altuzarra for Target

Maxi Dress Satin Floral Black - $69.99

The dress that started it all. Target gave a sneak peek of this dress during the CFDA Awards this year. I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT! But here is that shiny material again. Why Target? Why? And satin? Please, call it what you want, but we all know it's really polyester. I still kind of like it though. I mean, I don't $69.99 like it, but it's cute enough. It just isn't what I thought it would be. Oh and surprise surprise, both Pam and I had zipper issues with this dress. Verdict - not worth the $69.99 price tag unless you absolutely love it.
Altuzarra for Target

Striped Sleeveless Dress - $39.99 

This dress had me scratching my head in a "One of these things is not like the other" kind of way. In a Project Runway Nina Garcia telling the designers "This is not a cohesive collection" kind of way. How the heck does this fit with this collection? How do you go from sexy sass to this? I'm so lost here. But the material on this one looked great. The construction was great. I mean I am wearing a black bra and you can not tell at all! It is super cute and fun. Here's the thing though, it's just not the kind of thing I would wear. I do think this is going to look great on a lot of people though. Verdict - While this doesn't suit my personal style, it is a very cute, versatile and well made piece. This one is worth it, just not for me.

Altuzarra for Target

Python Pencil Skirt - $34.99

I sorta really love this skirt. Because of my hourglass figure, these always fit me high waisted. Tiny waist/large bum = high waisted pencil skirts every time. The material on this one was a little too thick for my liking, but about equivalent to other Target non branded suiting skirts. This is a size too big and so I am pinning it back, hence the awkward pose. I probably would have bought it if they had it in my size. But to be honest, I would probably wear it one time if at all. It just screams sexy professional, but I would most likely wear it on a date night. I'd never be brave enough to wear this in an office type setting. But then I would most likely never it again because it would be that whole "Oh she's wearing her snake skirt again" thing. And well I guess, I am just not that adventurous. But I look at this picture and think "Damn girl! Order that skirt!" But I am going to hold off on that for now. They didn't have the black version of this skirt in my size and while I think, maybe I should get the black one, I think, bleh, that would just be too ordinary and expected. I know, I know, I can't have it both ways. But for now, this one is staying with Target. Verdict - if you are braver than me, order this skirt! If not, buy the size 4 and send it my way!

Altuzarra for Target

 Peasant Dress with Embroidery Detail in Ruby Hill - $54.99

This dress just completely overwhelmed my frame. I love the style, but it would need to be at least 6 inches shorter to even remotely work on my body. This will look good on most people, but I am just not one of them. However at $54.99 I feel it is just slightly overpriced. If you are a tall bohemian style loving lady, then this one is for you. Oh and it has pockets. I love a dress with pockets. Verdict - While I think this is a little over priced, the construction was great. This could be a good deal for some.

Altuzarra for Target

Peasant Dress Swiss Dot Black - $54.99

I ordered the maxi length version of this dress. I think I'm going to love it. This below the knee length does not work for me, but the top of this dress is stunning. I think this one needs the belt to go with it, and a longer or shorter length would make it work for me. I was really hoping one of the two Target's would have had the maxi version of this dress, but I guess I have to wait until mine arrives. Verdict - I still think these dresses are priced a little high, but if you are on the taller side, you might really like this one.
Altuzarra for Target

We were able to try all but 3 of the collections dresses. I guess overall that isn't too bad. I am really disappointed that neither store had blazers or pants to try on, but it is what it is, I guess. Maybe I'll catch some when returns start coming in. After trying on all these dresses, not one came home with me, but I do have the wrap dress and swiss dot maxi dress coming my way soon. I'll report back if I keep them.

These dresses and skirt are all still available online as of my writing this review. You can also check the store tracker to see if it is available at a store near you. I'd love to hear, which if any of the dresses you tried on and what you thought. In my next blog post I'll review the tops we were able to try on... see you then.

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