Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DIY Wristlet - Take 1

 I woke up Sunday morning from a dream that I made my own wristlet. For those of you that sew or are avid DIYers, making your own wristlet is probably child's play. But for me, the novice sewer, this would definitely be a challenge. I mean I made Halloween costumes good enough to last a day, with very little details when the girls were little and most recently I made some curtains, but a small wristlet? With a zipper? Nope, never. But that didn't stop me, since I woke up before anyone else, I took to paper and planned out what I would want in a wristlet and then took off to JoAnn's when it opened.

Using my drawings, I figured out what I would need cut and how. I created my pattern and set off cutting my pieces. So far so good. Measurements all turned out well. Success!

Well maybe not so fast. I chose a lining (Maybe it's called bating?) that was a little too stiff which made sewing a little more difficult. Not a good thing when you're a novice and had to add a zipper for the first time ever. I did however buy enough fabric that I can try this again next weekend. I'm determined to get it right. 

You can see the fabric is being weighed down by the zipper. Oh the zipper! First off, I bought one that is too big! Of course, I had no clue that you had to get a specific zipper size! I thought you just cut it to size. Now I know. But the overall design is on target. I just need to fine tune the sewing skills. 

Inside, I made a separator pocket so I can put my phone on one side and everything else on the other. 

Opposite the separator, I sewed in a little size pocket and a lipstick pocket. This came out remarkably well. I was impressed. I originally wanted to put a few card slots, but I'm not there yet. 

On the backside of the wristlet, I put a pocket on the outside. Sometimes, I just want my phone out where I can easily grab it. I like the idea of a small wristlet with an inside and outside pocket. 

I want to work on this a little more, but 1. I need some advice/tips. If you have them, I would love to hear your suggestions on how I can try this again and be a bit more successful. or 2. If anyone is a sewing wizard, come on over and make this for me! :) 

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