Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lust List

There are things that I lust for that I can't always just buy. Other times, I give in to temptation. But usually I have to lust after something for a bit of time, before I actually bite the bullet. Here are some of the things I am currently lusting after right now. 

This dress from Loft, is so cute, but alas I don't look good in mustard. Of course that didn't stop me from ordering it at 50% off, but then I saw it on Bella Thorne and a few other starlets on In Styles website and well, it'll probably go back now... (Unless by some miracle it looks just as good on me!) 

The Maiden Lane T Strap Heels on Gilt are almost exactly what I am looking for! Except they are patent leather, and well I have my heart set on these exact shoes in a not patent look. I have almost clicked the button on these, several times, but I don't want to risk the ones I really want coming along and not being able to get them. In the mean time, I will lust after these and most likely regret it when the opportunity is gone.

I am ready for my annual hand bag purchase. I think this through long and hard every year and when I know what I want, the saving begins. But this little bucket bag from H&M has threatened to make me stray for this alternative. It is just so beautiful! 

The Givenchy Harmonie Extravaganza palette has me drooling! OMG! Can I please have this? But I am really trying to not buy something just because it is pretty. Unlike the clothes, shoes and handbag, I know damn well, I will not use the colors in this palette. It will just be a "but it was soooo pretty..." buy. Whenever I think about this palette, I think about the shoes. If I decide to get one of these items, it will be the shoes! 

Do you have a lust list? What's on yours?

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