Monday, September 29, 2014

One Shirt - 6 Ways to Wear it

While the Target by me seemed to get the worst of the Altuzarra for Target pieces, there are quite a few of cute and well made pieces it turns out. One of the items that I tried on in store was the Ruby Hill Sheer Peasant Blouse. I didn't buy it that first day, but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I ended up going back and grabbing it, and it is the one item I keep reaching for in the last few weeks. If I could, I would wear it more than once each week. I love it that much. And for a blouse that doesn't seem like it would be versatile, it seems to go with a lot of pieces I already own.

Date Night

It goes great with print. Here it is paired with the python skirt and booties from the Altuzarra for Target Collection. Tuck it in and wear it with a belt around the waist to accentuate your figure.

Wear it with a leather mini and leopard heels. It will look great tucked in or left out. I love wearing a loose billowy shirt with a tight mini skirt. The contrast gives just enough sexy without being over the top. 

Work Wear

Wear it under a suit for a touch of color. Take the jacket off after work and it'll still look great.

Paired with ripped jeans and Tom's or sneakers it's perfect for hanging out or running errands. 
Paired with some over the knee boots, low heeled or high and it gives off a boho/city vibe. 

Out with the Girls

My favorite way to wear it surprisingly is in a monochromatic outfit. Paired with a pair of pants in the same shade. Normally I would not be so bold, but I think this shirt is just dark enough that it works. I paired it with red heels that are the same color as the embroidery. This is my favorite look!

 I'm so glad I went back and bought this blouse. It seems like the one item I have absolutely zero interest in from these collaborations, is the one I end up loving the most. This top is still available online and I still see it in Target stores. It's worth checking out!


  1. Another great review! I think we both felt the same way about this collection, like why wasn't more of things in-store?! Ugh! I saw the peplum top on my friend's instagram and was like, why is that not in my store? It looks really great on you. The zipper blouse was another nice surprise, you need to get do I actually.

  2. You and Pam look so good in so many pieces--that one scuba dress is awesome on you both.