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Welcome to Cult Nails - The Blog. A blog about life, fashion, beauty, DIY, and nails! So basically a blog about everything! I'm more than just a nail polish brand. Cult Nails was started because of this very blog. 

I'm obsessed with all things fashion and beauty related. An obsession that many people would never openly admit. I admit it all here, for all of you! I'm also a military wife and a mom of three amazing teenage girls and the best  Chihuahua in all the land. These things take up a lot of my time, so clearly it makes it's way into the blog. Come and get to know me and the things I love a bit better. I'm pretty much an open book, or an open blog…

I love hearing from you all, so feel free to comment, email or connect with me via social media and join in on all the fun.  

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