Monday, August 27, 2012

Cult Nails Deceptive Top Coat Collection - Sale Starts Sept 1st!!

The Cult Nails Deceptive Top Coat Collection is finally here! Well almost...

We will be releasing these deceptively sweet looking top coats on Sept 1st at special pre-launch pricing for one week only. From Sept 1st - Sept 8th you can purchase the entire set for $40! That's like getting one polish free. Starting Sept 9th, they will be available individually on These top coats are limited edition polishes. Get them while you can!

While they may look like sweet and innocent polishes in the bottle, don't let the appearance fool you! These top coats will transform the polishes you wear them over instantly.

Bottle shots left to right: Two Timer, Alter Ego, Doppelganger, Deception, and Charlatan

Change the lighting and you can see some of the shimmer start to shine through in the bottles.
left to right: Two Timer, Alter Ego, Doppelganger, Deception, and Charlatan
Want to see these top coats over polish? First I must say it was a challenge getting these to play nice for the camera. They are so much more amazing in person, but the rainy weather didn't want to cooperate so I could get good shots. But overall I think these pictures will show you just how cool these top coats are! I put each color over Cruisin' Nude, Vicious, Time Traveler and Nevermore.

Left to right Cruisin' Nude, Vicious, Time Traveler and Nevermore

Now for the top coats. They are all over Crusin' Nude, Vicious, Time Traveler and Nevermore, the order of the base polishes is the same in each of the pictures below.

This is showcasing Alter Ego. Alter Ego casts a gold and green tinge over your polish. It casts a golden sheen on Cruisin' Nude, while on Vicious and Time Traveler you get a more duocrhromatic effect that goes from gold to olive and a super enhanced olive shimmer over Nevermore. 

Deception casts a pink/purple sheen over your polishes. If you like the pink shimmer in Cruisin' Nude, this intensifies that effect! Over the other colors is shimmers between pink and purple.

Two Timer is another amazing color changer. It casts a green shimmer over Cruisin' Nude, which ironically was how I originally made this color, and ended up switching the shimmer to pink in the process. Personally I love it over Vicious as it makes it appear more duochromatic between the purple color of the polish and the green shimmer of the top coat. The jewel toned Time Traveler and Nevermore though are quite amazing too!
Charlatan almost didn't happen! It wasn't created as a top coat originally and this one actually is slightly buildable on its own. This multi chromatic polish can't be contained. Regardless of the lighting this one doesn't stop color shifting! 

Lastly is Doppelganger. Do you feel like you've seen this one before? Well that's because you have! It is my secret weapon! That Cult Nails shimmer and dusty quality so many of our polishes have all start with a little bit of doppelganger! Now it is here on it's own! While our well known shimmer effect is typically subtle in our colors, now you can layer it over any polish and it will instantly give it a dusty quality with our shimmer in a much more intense manner!

I am so excited to share this top coat only collection with you guys. I think it is perfect for our upcoming fall season. Jewel toned colors, Brocade fabrics, Faberge Egg inspired designs are all going to be major players in our Fall fashion wardrobe and with these top coats, you can take polishes you already own and make them trend ready in minutes! 

I hope you guys love these as much as I do!


  1. You've hit another grand slam here, and you can bet I'll be ordering them as soon as possible. I don't comment often, but I really really appreciate all the work you put into your collections, and how you are so open with us about all the trials and tribulations.

  2. I'm absolutely in love with these top coats. .... I'm thinking of all the mileage I'll get from them by using them over all the polishes I have. ... the possibilities are endless :-)

  3. These are all gorgeous! Great job as usual. My wallet officially hates you. :)

  4. To bad one can't rock more than one shade at a time. Love these colours. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too soon.

  5. Two Timer over Vicious is awesome!

  6. I don't think these should be the same price point as the regular colors. They can't be worn alone and you need another color to see them. They should have been priced $7-8 instead.

  7. These are gorgeous! I want charlatan in a gallon sized bottle, it's stunning.