Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feather Manicure Tutorial

I have been wanting to try the Feather Manicure for a few months now, and have yet to have the time or patience I thought it would require to do it. But yesterday I knew I had to do this manicure. I went to Michael's after work and bought a bag of mixed color feathers and I was set to go! Well actually I bought the mixed color feathers and black and white feathers. I thought this would be an awesome look with just black and white, but in the end the idea of wearing multiple colors of feathers just was too good to resist.

I posted a pic on Instagram last night and the manicure was a hit, with lot's of people asking for a tutorial. So I put together a tutorial for you guys really quick this morning before the day got hectic, but then I didn't have time to finish it until now. So here it is!

1. What you need: Base color for your mani - I used Enticing and a top coat - I used Wicked Fast. Feathers from a craft store, cuticle nippers and a pair of scissors.

2. Once you paint your nails, let the polish dry all the way. Then use a top coat and wait for it to get a little tacky.

3. Place your feather on your nail in the style/direction you would like. The middle shaft makes it hard to stick the feather with no lumps and won't bend well to your nail, so try using just the barbs of the feather.

4. Using your finger, pat down on the feather to stick it to your nail.

5. Cut the unused portion of the feather with a pair of scissors.

7. If there are some areas where the feather is still not sticking to the nail, tap on a little top coat in those areas only and then press the feather down with your finger again. Be careful not to press to hard or to put to much top coat on so that you don't ruin the integrity of the look.

8. Using the cuticle nippers, clip the smaller pieces of feather that may be overhanging from your nails.

9. Once the top coat is dried and the feather is not moveable, apply a coat of top coat to the entire nail to smooth out the look. 

Here's a quick step by step picture guide of the feather manicure for all you pinners:

And for those who prefer a video, here is a video tutorial for you


  1. nice! this mani has always scared me, but you make it look so easy and unscary!

  2. I just did these about two Weeks ago for the first ....not using that shaft is critical!! Very nice!!