Friday, September 28, 2012

October Announcement - Month of Giveaways!

I have been planning some give aways that will be spread across all our social media platforms. From this blog, to our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram(Cult Nails)! Are you ready?

Each give away will last one week, and since there are 5 give aways, two will run consecutively.

I will post details for each give away here on the blog as well as on our Facebook and Twitter. But I will give you all a hint of the types of give aways we will be having.

Facebook - Are you the biggest Cultie? Show us in a picture and you may win! Being the biggest Cultie doesn't mean you have all our polishes, you could just have one! It's all about team spirit here! Profess your love and you may win!

Pinterest & Instagram(Cult Nails) - These contests will give you an opportunity to show off your nail art skills! Get out your Cult Nails nail art supplies and your Cult Nails polishes and put Kelly Osborne's $250K Emmy mani to shame with your skills! You don't need mega money for a mega mani!

Twitter - Free for all mani! Show us your favorite Cult polish in a creative photo or as a basic mani. Let us know why it's the best polish and help us spread the word!

Blog - This will be a more traditional entry - where you just have to enter to win.

So now you have a bit of the details, look for details here on the blog each Sunday and find out what the prizes will be! You don't want to miss this, this will be our biggest give away to date! We will be giving away over $500 worth of Cult Nails products!

Oh and did I mention it's my dad's and Juan's Birthday in October, so to celebrate, we are going to have a sale coming up too!

October will officially be the month of the Cultie! So make sure you follow us here, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Cult Nails on Instagram), and Pinterest and be part of the fun!


  1. This sounds so great but I don't own any cult nail polishes! Does that mean I can't participate?

    Jazz x

    1. Not at all! We want to make sure everyone has a chance to win some polishes, so we will have blog opportunities and for the FB & Twitter one, feel free to get creative and use photos on our page for a chance to win so you can join the cult! :)

  2. Ooh... Looking forward to this xo

  3. Best giveaway ever! And a sale? Thanks Maria, i just wanted to post on Facebook the mani i have, but now you have to wait! ;)

  4. Errmaagawd! Thank you Maria! I may just have to break down now and make a twitter! Haha, and start saving money for the sale! <3 Megan Ramsey

  5. oh, Maria! This makes October sound like so much fun!!

  6. so many people having their birthdays in october! even in this household, my mother on the 7th, my sister on the 14th, my son on the 17th and the bf on the 29th... goodbye wallet! lolz! Advanced happy birthday to your dad and Juan!

  7. You're the best! Too bad I don't have any CN polishes :(

  8. Looking forward to your October of fun!! Happy B-day to your hubby and dad!!

  9. I just ordered some polishes and I can't wait to post my mani! I'm so excited I could pee my pants!