Thursday, March 28, 2013

In the Garden Collection

Wow that was fast! It's already almost April! This collection was actually supposed to launch in March and it was delayed at the lab. Now it is ready to head to us and we are offering it up on Pre-sale so you can get these beauties in your hand shortly after we receive them! WAHOO! We haven't offered pre-sales in awhile, but since our next collection is due out in early May, we figured, you'd rather two collections a little more spaced out than back to back. We are anticipating these shipping out April 10th. Since it is a pre-sale, all 5 colors during pre-sale pricing will be $40! (Retail for all 5 is $60) So get in while the getting is good, since we aren't planning on having a sale for a few more months after this and these are all limited edition colors! So when they are gone, they are gone! As usual, the colors will be available individually after the pre-sale event at the full retail price.

First up is Let's Get Dirty. This is more of a satin matte finish than a wax finish. I added some shimmer to this one. This is two medium coats. I think this will be easier for most to apply using thin coats, but I am just not a thin coat application person. I just can't, way to impatient for that! LOL! Unfortunately I have crazy ridges on my nails, and to show the true polish, I didn't want to put a smoothing base coat underneath, so you get to see my nail ridges. Sorry. This is a taupey nude with a tiny hint of lavender so that it won't wash out most skin tones. I keep putting this one on. It is just the right color to spice up the neutral look for me. I'm a big sucker for these kinds of colors!

Two coats - no top coat - Inside light

Two coats - no top coat - Natural sun light
I love that with the matte and wax finishes you can add a top coat to shine it up, you can really see the shimmer here! It also hides my ridges, yay!  

Added top coat - Inside light

Added top coat - Natural Sun Light
 You're My Dandy Lion - OK here you may be wondering what's up with our corny names? You see we pride ourselves on NOT giving our polishes those corny names where we use the color or something describing the color in our names. We use words like Captivated or Enigmatic to describe our polishes. But I've been in a polish rut lately. I think perhaps a polish depression? I made at least 50 colors and nothing was working. I came up with collection after collection and they all felt blah! I had nothing! I needed to inject some life into me. I needed to get out there and get inspired. Because polish creating needs to be done anywhere from 6 months to a year in advance with the labs, it was getting down to the wire and I had nothing! The lab kept showing me what was on trend to inspire my creative juices. But you know me, show me a trend, and I walk in the complete opposite direction when it comes to nails! Everyone wanted something different, pastels, brights, vampy's, more glitters. I was just not feeling it. One night, I was sitting there, deadlines looming and I grabbed all the polishes I created and looked and I realized, OMG! I have some beauties here! What was wrong with me? I love these polishes! And things started to come together. I decided I was going to grab my 5 favorites for this collection. Some may call these off trend, some may call these boring, some may call these safe, I call them getting my polish mojo dusted off and restarted!

What does that have to do with the corny names? Well now that we were in the final hour, we had to name them and fast! (Seriously I think we had an hour! LOL!) I grabbed a drink and we started the process. I texted a good friend who helps get the juices flowing and we started with our typical names, Fascinated, Fascinating, Fantastic, Flourish... You get the picture. By now I was a little tipsy, talking to my fashion girls on FB about a pair of shorts (Yes I really belong to a group, where we talk about something as corny as a pair of shorts!) We were goofing off, I was laughing, John looked at me rolling his eyes, "Hellloooo!! We need names here!!"  So I said "How about You Kiss my Rose Bush Dude!" And it all went down hill from there! I gave these polishes names in about 2 minutes, thought I was hilarious and said "There name them that!" and he did! So there you have it, exactly what I said I would never do, I did!

Two coats - no top coat - inside light
 OK so now that we got all that out of the way, here is You're My Dandy Lion! This is a soft, but bright butter yellow. Ignore the shimmer in the bottle, it is not visible on the nail. Why is it there you ask? Well because initially I wanted it to be a shimmer polish, but then realized the yellow would have to be a super thin jelly to make it work. But accidentally I realized the shimmer actually made this a smooth two coater! WHAT!?! I know! So I left it alone because of the beautiful application and how I fell in love with the creamy goodness. Sometimes, when you get it, you just have to leave it alone, and this was one of those times. I can't even begin to tell you how much this polish makes me smile! You can't have a bad day wearing this!
Two coats - no top coat - natural sun light

Kiss My Rose Bush - This one reminds me of a barbie pink color. Originally I was going to make a collection of lipstick inspired colors based on a request. In my polish depression, I just couldn't get it together. But two colors were added to my arsenal of favorites that I constantly wanted to wear. This is one of them. It reminds me of the 80's and Pretty in Pink. I love it so much! This is a wax finish to give it a modern edge. But you can instantly be transported back to the 80's with some top coat! 

Two coats - no topcoat - inside light

Added top coat - inside light

Two coats - no top coat - outside sun light
Added top coat - outside sunlight

 Ay Poppy! Culties kept telling me that they wanted to see me do bright colors, that I was too vampy focused. Really, am I? OK Yeah, they're right, I love vampy colors, what can I say? I kept hearing please make a bright orange. I thought bright orange? How the heck will I even begin? What kind of bright orange? But you ask, I make, so I went to work. One day while driving down the road, the inspiration came, traffic cone orange! If that's not bright or orange, then I don't know what is! This one took two medium coats, no top coat. OMG! Why didn't you guys hit me over the head sooner? This whole brights thing is AWESOME!!! I want more now! And since the beginning I have been wanting a polish named Ay Poppy (Ay Papi - get it?). But since that wasn't our naming strategy, and I didn't have an appropriate color for that, I had to jump at the chance when I had it! Yeah I know, I'm kind of corny like that! LOL!
Two medium coats - no top coat - inside light

Two medium coats - no top coat - natural sun light
The last color is Morning Glory. OK weak naming moment, I know! But hey, it is what it is. At least now it is anyway. This one OMG, Nakizzle made this one in a high shine finish. I fell in love instantly. Proud mom moment! Look at this color! This one almost didn't happen. Long story, but we went round and round with the lab to make this one happen as a wax finish. Because of the coloring it came out a little less matte than the others. In the photo is looks a lot more shiny than it really is. It truly casts a waxy look in person. This one could have probably gone with just one medium coat, but I did two anyway. I think I should have called this collection, Maria's favorite colors! Because this is another one, I think I will be reaching for all summer!
Two coats - no top coat - inside light

Added topcoat - inside light

Two coats - no top coat - outside natural sun light

Added top coat - natural sunlight
I think I just died a little at that last photo! So many reasons! The color is pure perfection and OMG, how good did that pic come out? WOW! I want to go change my mani to this right now! I can't wait for these to arrive so I can send them to bloggers. We have picked some amazing bloggers, new and established, that once they have the polishes in hand, we will let you know who they are so you can check them out! Unfortunately they probably won't have them in hand before our pre-sale ends due to the delay. Grrr!

So there you have it! My ramblings about the collection and some photos! It feels good to be writing again. But really who wants to hear about all my minds inner workings. Anywhooo.... What are you waiting for? Go reserve your set today at


  1. I preordered mine yesterday, I seriously CANNOT wait to get them. These colors speak to me!!!

  2. I'm loving your pics here! Great wax finishes! I love that I can wear them waxy or topcoat- cant go wrong with that! Ay Poppy! Is calling my name NOW!

  3. Ahhhh Spring in a bottle! I certainly can use this pick me up! It's freezing outside and these colors bring in the warmer weather! Thank you!

  4. I am so in love with this collection that as soon as I read about it, I bought it THAT SECOND! I can't wait to get my paws on these awesome, gorgeous, colors. I'm really excited about more wax finish polishes!

  5. I'm so excited for this collection! As soon as I read about it, I bought it! I'm talking SECONDS after I read it! I can't wait to get my paws on these lovelies! I'm really excited for more wax finish polishes!

  6. SO excited to get these!! I wish I was one of the lucky bloggers who get to review these. I guess I'll just buy them as a treat to myself! :)

  7. I can't wait to get these polishes!!!!!



  10. Ay Poppy is definitely my favorite, name and colour-wise :)

  11. Very pretty colors! We are very ready for spring in New England