Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Road Trip Anyone?

It's time for that annual road trip with your girls Thelma & Louise style! Are you ready? We created these colors to get you through all the crazy adventures that lie ahead!

We created 3 intensely pigmented cremes that tow the line between being a pastel and being a neon. It's like pastel cremes on steroids if you will. Bright enough to get the attention of all the young hotties you'll be meeting on your road trip. We also created two effect top coats. Because you want to be able to extend that mani and change it up while you're away, while bringing as few bottles of polish with you as possible.

Be Loco - An intensely pigmented bright peach toned creme.
Be Loco

Riot - An intensely pigmented bright mint creme
Party Time - An intensely pigmented pure blue with a hint of green creme.
Party Time
All Out - A multifaceted shimmer that will glisten from yellow, gold, orange or green depending on what color it is layered over. Try it over any creme in this collection or over any of your other favorite polishes to see this one shine!
All Out over Party Time 
All Out over Riot

All Out over Be Loco

Mayhem - create a rainbow effect on your nails with this top coat. It has a great holographic effect that can be used over any polish. The darker the polish, the deeper the intensity with this one, but try it over any color and let the Mayhem begin!

Mayhem over Party Time

Mayhem over Riot

Mayhem over Be Loco
The Road Trip Collection is currently available for pre-sale now through July 21st and the expected to ship between July 22-29. Presale pricing is $50 for the entire set. Once the pre-sale event is over the collection will be available individually and retail for $12 - $14. (Mayhem is $14 the others are $12). Ordering during pre-sale ensures you will receive the entire collection at the discounted price by reserving your set before it is available tot he general public.  Check us out at www.cultnails.com


  1. Stunning as always, but that's what we've some to expect from you, Maria! Congrats on finally getting the holo top coat - I know that it's been a long battle that's finally won! yay!!!

  2. Already ordered my set! Can't wait to get them :)

  3. What a cool collection! I am loving Riot and Be Loco and those topcoats are amazing!

  4. Love them all, looks like I will be adding to my collection again! :-)

  5. Ugh! Wish I could come up with the funds to get this collection, it's GORGEOUS! I guess I'll just wait and pay full price. I think this is one if your best collections!! Stupid medical problems get in the way of my polish shopping, lol!

  6. Genius collection! As always :)

  7. Beautiful colors, and nice gold details ;) love it