Monday, September 23, 2013

All Access Collection - Pre Sale Starts Friday Sept 27th!

I'll be working on swatches this week, along with finalizing the rest of this years colors and getting ready for The Makeup Show. This week definitely seems a little less busy! HA! Pre Sale will start on Friday Sept 27th. Pre-Sale will run through Oct 5th and start shipping around Oct 7th. WAHOO! You can get all 5 colors for $48 which means pay for 4 and get the 5th free! If your coming to the Make Up Show, we are hoping to have these available there as well! More info on The Makeup Show coming soon! (Could I use any more exclamation points? But this is just all so exciting! AHHH! So read it as it's it written full of AHHH!) Make sure you follow us on Facebook (CultNailsLacquer), Twitter & Instagram (CultNails) for instant updates and sign up for our email list at to be notified of sales and events.

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  1. Yahoo! Finally grunge will be mine! Can't wait!