Tuesday, September 24, 2013

All Access Swatches

I have done quickie swatches of these here and there, but I haven't given each color a proper photo yet. I set out to take the photos yesterday and as luck would have it the second I set everything up, the clouds rolled in and it started raining. Being that I live in FL, the rain tends to last an hour or two and then the sun comes back out. Of course not this time! 6 hours later, it was still pouring out! Fortunately we have lighting for photography and I was still able to get some decent photos. 

This collection was born out of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2013. We had the luxury of being there last February and working some shows. Three of these colors were custom made for the shows, and I thought what better collection to release when the Fall begins, so from Fashion Week to the lab we went to get these colors made! The theme I noticed during my time at NYFW last Feb was that 90's grunge was making a come back in a totally grown up and sophisticated way, that still was full of edge and well grunge. I was loving all the plaid, the pins, the leather look, the blues, the over sized cozy sweaters. I can't wait to get my hands on some of the clothes for Fall and now my nails will go perfectly with all the styles! WAHOO! 

Wack Slacks - This color was used for a show called Le Smurfette. They wanted Smurf blue. So I made 80's Smurf blue, The new movie Smurf blue, and a few other blues that complimented both Smurf blues since they were vague as to which smurf blue they wanted. I figure better to have more options than not enough. The day of the show, the stylist came over and quickly nixed the actual Smurf blues. She wanted one of the complimentary colors. This blue changes with the light, which I love. In sunlight it leans a bit purple hued, while other times it looks pure cornflower blue. The color deepens a bit when in low lighting situations, but still not as dark as Time Traveler. I love cream colors that have this kind of dimension, so I was so excited to see this color chosen. And who knew that blue would be the color of the season? Well I suppose all the designers knew, hence the reason it's the color of the season, but you know what I mean! Add our normal creme consistency and this one will be a one coater for most.
Showcasing it in two different lighting situations. You can see above it leans a bit more purple and below more blue.

For reference, below I'm wearing Wack Slacks on my index finger, Time Traveler on my middle finger and Tied up on my ring finger. You can really see the corn flower blue tones in Wack Slacks.

Lamestain - A few shows we did, wanted a deep vampy shade circa the 1990's Grunge scene. OMG! I was all over it! I loved vampy reds in the 90's and I still do! I could do a collection of all the different variations of Vampy reds alone and be in Heaven. Although I think you guys might prefer if I just do one here an there instead. This red leans from brick to brown to deep vampy burgundy. This one is a thinner formula, think Quench. It is not thin and watery, but will need two coats as seen here. This is a true classic that will stand the test of time in your polish collection. At least it's exactly what I have been DYING to have as part of the Cult line, because it is one of my favorite types of colors for the Fall and Winter months!

Feedback is a combo of gold and iridescent Mylar flakes. I knew I wanted to mix these two and originally I was wanting to put it in a colored base. But no, this one needs to have the flexibility to be put over any color. It is just so fun. And I always have to give you at least one topper in just about every collection. Here I am wearing one coat over Lame Stain.

Grunge is everything a polish should be. Ann Yee wanted a mossy grey green for her show and I must have made at least 8 different versions. This is another color that shifts in depth and intensity based on the lighting. It can lean gray or total moss green. As I have worn it, I am constantly getting asked about the unique gray polish I'm wearing. They always seem surprised when I tell them it's actually green and then move my hand in the light. This is just one coat on my nails. I love all the colors in this collection, but I keep reaching for Grunge over and over again. Just looking at these pics makes me want to change my mani to Grunge again. I think I'll need to bring 6 bottles of this one home with me.
Shocasing Grunge in different lighting situations so you can see the range of this color.

 Disillusion is another favorite. I wanted a hot pink Mylar flake so bad. But I knew I didn't want this one in a clear base. Every time I pictured it, I imagined it in black base. But every black just seemed to eat up the flakes. You couldn't even see them. Grrr. Finally a light jelly black base did the trick. You can wear about 2-3 coats on it's own depending on your application style, or you can put one coat over Nevermore like I did here. If you use a mylar flake (Or even a glitter polish) it's best to let each coat dry before applying another coat. You need to let the flakes set or they will move around with the next coat because they are heavier than polish. Which is why I prefer it over Nevermore, but I did it on it's own the other day and OMG the depth! Worth the time. Seriously! Gah! Yup I'm still wearing this one right now. Did I just say I wanted to change my mani to Grunge? I better not scroll back up. I'll be wearing a skittle mani of each of the colors in this collection if I keep looking at all these photos.

I am so proud of this collection. It is so me and what I love. I hope you guys feel the same way too! Pre-sale starts on Friday September 27th and will run through October 5th. We'll start shipping these out on the 7th. Each polish in this collection will retail for $12, but as we normally do, if you purchase the collection during the pre-sale event, you can secure your set at preview pricing which is $48. Lame Stain and Grunge will be part of our Classic line. Wack Slacks, Feedback & Disillusion will all be Limited Edition. :( Maybe one day we'll be running with the big dogs and can keep colors around longer. So what do you think? Is this collection your style too?


  1. Love love love them all! They are all perfect for fall and I can't wait to get my hands on them!

  2. Ooh I love Disillusion! Awesome! And Lame Stain is awesome too. Is it a jelly??

  3. I can't wait! You always do such a magnificent job Maria! I LOVE Feedback and Disillusion so much!!

  4. Disillusion is screaming my name!

  5. I love, love, love Lamestain!! Disillusion and Grunge are gorgeous too!