Monday, January 20, 2014

Color of the Year - Radiant Orchid, It's Almost Love at First Sight!

Pantone announced Radiant Orchid as the color of the year for 2014. I am a purple fanatic, so I was happy with the selection. That means we can look forward to adding some fun purple touches to everything this year! WAHOO! We are actually have a Feb collection of all purple hued polishes! We figured everyone would be all over the pink and red for Valentine's Day and we wanted something a bit different and it just works out with the color of the year! WAHOO! I know we are in the middle of pre-sale on the Passionate Dream collections and already I'm talking about next month's collection. It just never stops! 

In the meantime, I am so feeling the purple trend and had to bust out Love at First Sight. It is actually pretty close to Radiant Orchid. It is also one of my favorite colors. (I feel like I say that about all my polishes.) Unfortunately this was the World's shortest lived mani! I did my nails in the morning and that evening, my final pre shipment samples of the Passionate Dreams collection arrived and I immediately had to go into testing mode. Oddly I knew the collection was arriving, so I'm not sure why I did my nails. What was I thinking? 

I came across these Kiss Nail stickers and loved the idea of using just one for my accent nail vs. Stamping. Although you all know how much I love a stamped accent nail. 

I cut up a few of the flowers and was going to put just the flowers on all my nails, but after putting on just one, I really liked the effect and left it alone. I'm glad I didn't end up spending more time on this mani, considering how I had to take it off so soon after. 

I love how the color slightly shifts depending on lighting conditions. 

While Love at First Sight is pretty close to Radiant Orchid and we are doing a collection of purples, I'm wondering if I should put out a color in the exact Radiant Purple color? It's almost as if I can't resist just one more purple. hmmmmm….


  1. Nobody can resist one more purple! :-D

  2. An all PURPLE collection!! OK..just shut up and take my money!!!! I am a purple fanatic, I am getting married in April and I am having a purple wedding, my bathroom is all purple accents, and I am planning on painting my office/nail polish room purple :)
    Very nice mani (despite it being so short lived)

  3. I'd buy the new purple! And I love your mani btw!