Monday, January 27, 2014

Share the Love - Mani Monday

I saw a few FB posts on friends feeds about bloggers sharing the love. I have to admit, I am off the nail blog reading game right now, so I missed all the fun last week. When I am working on colors, I can't look at blogs or I get stuck or influenced by the what I see, so I take a hiatus unless someone is sending me a link for a Cult Nails post or other post they think I can't live without. But I love the idea of sharing the blogger love, so I picked 3 bloggers to share.


I met Lex at a meet up we did in MA 2 years ago I think? John and I instantly bonded with Lex and her  other half AJ. So now whenever we go home to visit family, they get a call to see if they want to meet up. The side benefit of Cult Nails is all the friends we have made, I can never say that enough. Not only is Lex pretty cool, i'm envious of her nail skills. Her blog is loaded with swatches, reviews and some pretty cool nail art.

She also has an Etsy shop where you can buy some of the cool things she makes like these character pillows. Adorable right? Such a talented individual! 

I haven't met Keisha from Refined and Polished in person, but I have been a long time blog follower and we have had the occasional chat via social media. I "feel" like I know her. She has also been a long time supporter of Cult Nails. Have you ever followed a blog and thought, "man I bet we could be friends, she's just like me!"? That is Refined and Polished for me. She just seems like she'd be pretty cool and fun to hang out with, and hello, her mani's are always flawless!!


I found this blog through Margarita_onthe_rocks on Instagram. I have been a fan of her mani's for a while. She comes up with some pretty cool stuff. Since I follow her on IG, I recently checked to see if she had a blog. Turns out Polish Etc is a blog where 4 women came together and share their love of polish.  I love the idea of sharing a passion with other like minded individuals. I can only imagine the hard work it must be to coordinate with other individuals on one blog. I have to give them props for doing such an amazing job!

If you guys don't follow these blogs, check them out! If you have a blog, share it with us here in the comments, especially if you have a Cult Nails post, because we love seeing those! :)


  1. Thank you so much Maria!! -margarita_onthe_rocks

  2. These are all great girls! And thanks for saying such sweet things about my colab blogger, Gari, and our new blogging adventures at PolishEtc