Monday, February 24, 2014

Phyrra's Pretty Little Elixir Hair Masque

Cruelty Free Beauty Blogger and queen of multi tonal hair color, Phyrra, created Phyrra's Pretty Little Elixir Hair Masque. When I heard about the product, I immediately ordered it. I ordered it for several reasons. 1. I am a huge fan of her blog and have been since before Cult Nails. 2. I have had the opportunity to meet her on several occasions and we have now become friends.  3. As a blogger trying to establish a brand, I love supporting other bloggers I love, especially if I've followed them and trust their opinion.  With all these factors, there was no way I wasn't going to be one of the first in line to get my hands on her hair masque!

What exactly is so special about her hair masque? Here's what her site says:

The Miracle Moisture Masque for Hair
Transform chemically-treated hair from dry and dull to smooth and sexy.Phyrra's Pretty Little Elixir has the right cocktail of ingredients reduce the signs of external damage and return hair to its lustrous, soft state.Cruelty Free and Vegan!
Aqua, Quaternium-91, (softening, hair color protection, Behentrimonium Chloride (heat protection and repair, Myristyl Myristate (hydration without weighing your hair down, Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydrolyzed, Wheat Protein PG-Propyl Silanetriol, Phenoxyethanol (the preservative), Ethylhexylglycerin, Fragrance

This formula is sulfate free, paraben free, cruelty free, vegan and gluten free.
Gluten = glutenin + gliadin + starch. You can take wheat, isolate out these 3 components, and then it is gluten-free wheat!

Now that I had her hair masque in hand, I couldn't wait to try it. As many of you know I have lightened my hair considerably in recent months. What you may not know is that I have a few dry spots on one side. I have tried several hair care products and while I liked some, I couldn't wait for Phyrra's hair masque to arrive. I washed my hair using my normal shampoo, which is currently Davine's. I then used Phyrra's Pretty Little Elixir. I usually use about the size of 2 quarters for my conditioner, so I did the same with the hair elixir. My first impression once in my hand was that it was thin and watery, but smelled amazing. The first ingredient is water, so perhaps this should not have been a surprise. But all my hair conditioners are thick and creamy, and hair masques typically are even creamier. So this was a bit of a surprise. I was instantly nervous, because now I had a damp mass of tangled hair on my head and I did not see how this conditioner was going to work through that.  I applied it to the tips of my hair and worked my way up to my roots. I used a wide tooth comb to run the elixir through my hair according to the instructions and to my surprise the comb spread the conditioner easily and my tangles just fell away. I was seriously impressed with how fast the conditioner penetrated my hair and removed the tangles. I wrapped my hair in a towel and let it set for 10 minutes. I then rinsed my hair and dried and styled it with the blow dryer.

I didn't use any other styling products in my hair, because I wanted to truly test this product on its own, without any other product interfering with how it worked. I immediately ran my fingers through my freshly dried hair and over the dry spots. I was pleasantly surprised when even my dry spots felt smooth. I could feel the split end areas still, but it was a vast improvement in feel and appearance right away. My hair felt light and not weighed down at all. My hair was shiny and silky without the use of oil and the smell was beyond amazing. The smell of this elixir is warm and inviting and a little bit sexy while still smelling clean. I fell in love with the smell. I had to email Phyrra to ask what the scent was, because I couldn't quite place it. She said it is Marula, which is an exotic fruit. Let me tell you, it smells divine!

I wash my hair every 3-4 days. I had to train it to go this long between washes without getting all greasy. I used to wash my hair every day, which is bad. Washing your hair every day makes your head produce more oils to combat the oils you are striping from it, which means you then get sucked into washing every day. So it is a slow process to go from every day washes to going a few days in between, but if I want to keep this lighter color and my hair from drying out, I need to keep days in between my washes. I tell you this, because sometimes when I change my shampoo or conditioner, I realize I can't make it the 3-4 days between washes and have to either train my hair for that product or realize that the product I'm using is just not going to work for me. I washed my hair and used Phyrra's Pretty Little Elixir on Wednesday and made it comfortably without washing my hair again until Saturday.

My Final Thoughts:

I think the consistency will take a little getting used to, but so didn't using an argan oil in my hair and as part of my facial cleansing routine. So different isn't necessarily bad. I love the smell and I love how my hair looked and felt using it. The down side for me is the cost, at $39.99 for 8 oz. this is a bit harder to justify buying. I won't typically spend more than $20 on a hair conditioner or hair masque. If I use this once a week I anticipate that this bottle will last me about 2 1/2 to 3 months. While I find the product to be amazing, the price definitely is a consideration.

If you have dry hair, or are a hair coloring fiend like me, this might be worth checking in to. You can check it out here. I wish Phyrra all the success with this product and hope to see more great things in the near future! 

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