Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthday Sale Starts Tomorrow!

Our vacation is finally over! It feels like forever since I've been home! I have so many posts to prepare for you guys!

But for now, it's time for a sale! WAHOO! Since it's my Birthday tomorrow, it seems like the perfect time for a sale!

When I originally started Cult Nails, my intention was to make all but a few colors Limited Edition. Over the course of time, we have changed that and made very few colors Limited Edition and have been reordering all colors. Looking over everything, we realize that our original game plan is the most financially sustainable for a small company like ours. By having some colors as a core line and the others as limited edition, it will allow us to continue to make new colors for all of us polish fanatics. So we are going back to our original game plan.

What does this all have to do with a Birthday sale you ask? Well I previously mentioned that we would be discontinuing some colors and since that day is here, we thought, why not make it a little easier for you to obtain that polish that you have been lemming before it's gone. So combining my Birthday along with discontinuing colors - it seems a perfect reason for a sale, does it not?

Here is the list of colors we are discontinuing. (Other colors may be added to the list, but we are going to play it by ear for now. As we introduce new colors and fine tune our core collection, some of the other colors may be discontinued in the months ahead. We'll let you know if/when that happens.)

Bad Devious Nature
Black Out
Feelin' Froggy
Happy Ending
Mind Control
In a Trance
and Living Water

When these colors are gone, they will be placed in the Cult Nails Crypt, where they will live on in spirit only.

Phew that's quite a list! So on to sale details - Our polishes will all be on sale for $7 starting August 7th, 2012 until the end of the day on Sunday August 12th. Originally I was only going to do the sale for 3 days, but I figure, I might as well give everyone through the weekend to stock up.  We will include all polishes in the sale, however it may mean that some of our core line may sell out and will be out of stock for a bit if that happens.

Hope you all enjoy my Birthday sale!


  1. It was great meeting you and all the team in NY, my birthday is next week and I'm planning a Cult Nails giveaway on my blog, thanks to your generosity!!!
    So sad to see lots of beautiful colors that will be gone, I totally understand that you run a business, but Manipulative and Mazo? Booo!! nooo!!! ;-)
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!! And now I run to do Cult Nails swatches to post during the sale!!!

  2. Just to make it easier to decide, can you put like a star sign or something next to the names of these discontinued colours on the shop page so we don't have to refer to this list back and forth? Thanks, Maria

  3. WHAT!? A Cult Nails crypt???? I don't want any of these to go bye-bye! I want them to live on forever *ihnale exhale*

    I may need to hop on board and get a backup of Manipulative (and Scandalous... and...Annalicious... and...) sigh ;)

    You know what they say, some lives end others begin... so while I'm sooo sad to see these slowly dwindle out, I am EXCITED for the Cult Nails nursery (the new shades to be born) ;)

  4. I'm so happy to see that Scandalous is not on the list. I already have a backup bottle, it's my fave polish.

  5. I'm glad I already own most of these! But I am definitely putting it on my calendar to pick up a backup bottle of Annalicious! That stuff is like gold... so precious!

  6. Happy Birthday Maria! I'm so excited for the sale! I am waiting for the minute the b irthday price goes live. I'm picking up every single shade I missed out on last time!

  7. Happy belated, Maria!!!! Only you would give us a gift on your birthday. I wish you continued success. I am very surprised to see Black Out in the LE list...I better snag a backup.